Homeschooling in Nairobi Kenya.
teaching jobs in Kenya.
Early Childhood Education

ECD is the most important part of primary learning. This is the foundation of the learning process.
A child must grow holistically in an all-round manner.

teaching jobs in Kenya

Homeschooling in Nairobi Kenya,
learning small kids toys & aid books.

Flexible homeschooling in Nairobi Kenya and other major towns in Kenya

Learning school toys and aid books for small kids in Kenya.
Small kids learning toys and aid books.

Get eduactional/learning school kids toys and aid books for sale in Kenya. Open store.

Homeschooling in Nairobi for adults
Homeschooling For Everyone

We also offer packages for an adult who did not receive any formal education.

Homeschooling jobs in Kenya

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
~Nelson Mandela

Homeschooling in Kenya

Over the years, parents have had the option of interrogating the quality of education administered to their children using the traditional methodologies of teaching.
They have also adopted the homeschooling approach where they can access premium quality education at a click of a button and can choose variety of curriculum depending on their preference at their own convenience and terms.

Affordable cost of homeschooling in Kenya: Cost of quality education has over the years sky rocketed and that’s why at Homeschool Africa Kenya, we offer a cost effective package without compromising on the quality.

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More than 1500 subjects

We provide you with access to different subjects including sciences, humanities, adult education, music


Our services are available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and other major towns. In Nairobi, we are spread

Homeschooling in Nairobi Kenya and other major towns

We provide flexible homeschooling in Nairobi Kenya and other major towns like Mombasa. Our teachers are willing and able to avail themselves to your home or office to teach you. A timetable will.

Teaching jobs in Kenya.

Teacher vetting and background checks are carried out by a reputable private investigations firm in order to ensure they qualify for teaching jobs in Kenya. Sign up now to join as a teacher/tutor

Education/Learning small kids toys and aid books for sale

We provide you a platform where you get relavant leaning materials for homeschooling small kids. This includes, homeschooling aid books and homeschooling learning toys for small kids. This comes at a very affordable price from our store. Shop now.


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Homeschooling learning kids toys and aid books for sale in Kenya.
Homeschooling in Kenya

More parents in Kenya are now opting to homeschool instead of sending their children to traditional private schools or public schools.

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Our Student Say

I like teacher Suzan. She is so kind and awards me with a golden start every time I pass my tests. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Biology.
I used to be afraid of them, but teacher Suzan made everything better. I wanted to build computers when I grow up, but I am starting to think that I would like to be a teacher, just like teacher Suzan.

Brenda's testimonial about homeschooling in Kenya

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? Je m'appelle Jonathan et je suis vendeur des voitures.
I am finding it really easier to relearn French, thanks to Homeschool Kenya. The teachers have a way of really simplifying things for better understanding. It was not so back in high school. French for me was really hard and complicated, I had no choice but to drop it. It is different this time.

Jonathan's testimonial on Homeschooling in Kenya

The thing I love about Homeschool Kenya is the fact that the tutors really concentrate on you and pay keen attention to your weak performing subjects. They find ways to make you understand these subjects. If you listen and follow their directions, there is no reason why you should not pass with flying colours.

Priyanka's testimonial on Homeschool Kenya

I will be sitting for my finals very soon and graduate to secondary school. My desire is to be top of the class and thanks to the weekends and holidays tutions, I have a much better understanding of almost all the subjects. I am not there yet but I am confident that by the time I sit for my finals, I am going to ace all my subjects.

Jayden's testimonial on Homeschool Kenya
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